July 30, 2009


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Latest update: Hello everyone! We have moved and are in the midst of clearing off some of our furniture/household items! Should you be interested in any of the items below, feel free to send us your best offer(s) and we will probably let you have them if they are reasonable!


1. 3-door wooden cabinet ***SOLD***

2. Display cabinet ***SOLD***

3. Foldable high chair  ***SOLD***

4. Metal table top – $10

5. Wardobe in excellent condition  ***SOLD***

6. Side table  ***SOLD***

7. Mattresses – Price varies from $25 to $180

8. Wall lamp w/o bulb ***SOLD***

9. Foldable table – $25

10. Study table + Movable chair

 11. Carpet  ***SOLD***

12. Noticeboard – $25

13. CD rack – $6

14. Wall Clock with wooden frame – $15

15. Lighting for dining/living room – $15

16. Chandelier – $120

17. Plastic chairs (2 sets) – $5 each

18. Sony 21″ TV – $150

19. Pioneer Sound System – $150

 Dining/Kitchen items:

1. Oriental design dinner set  ***SOLD***

2. Brand new chopsticks (10 pairs)  ***SOLD***

3. Glassware in seashell design ***SOLD***

4. Glass plates  ***SOLD***

5. Porcelain floral design dinner plates & bowls  ***SOLD***

6. 6-piece assorted glassware  ***SOLD***

7. Candy trays  ***SOLD***

8. Full-automatic pottery health pot – $60

9. Country style glassware   ***SOLD***

10. Dinner set for small family ***SOLD***

11. Wonder cooker ***SOLD***

12. Microwave ware (6 pc) – $12

13. Love letters grill – $25

14. Takada brand doughcake toaster ***SOLD***

15. Travel pot & jug set ***SOLD***

16. Mini pot   ***SOLD***

17. Stainless steel wok  ***SOLD***


1. Decorative pictures/paintings with frame  ***SOLD***

2. Round mirror ***SOLD***

3. Decorative glass vase  ***SOLD***

4. Baby car seat  ***SOLD***

5. Toddler car seat   ***SOLD***

6. Foldable table lamp ***SOLD***

7. Decorative porcelain vase + round vase/planter  ***SOLD***

8. Korean VCDs/DVDs – 1 for $10, buy more at greater discounts!!

9. Philips iron  ***SOLD***

10. Creative USB adaptor – $30

11. Complete set of curtains for 5A HDB Massionette ***SOLD***

12. Akira Cordless Phone  – $25

13. Nikon Dry box for camera – $30 ***SOLD***

 14. Cream colour Espirit bag – $45

15. Black Espirit Handbag – $20

16. More bags!!

17. Brand new winter coat made of polyester and 70% duck down – $50

You may click on the items above to find out more information (pictures, details, dimensions etc) about them. You may also navigate your way around the site by clicking on the categories on the right hand side of the page.

ALL items are to be self-collected unless otherwise stated.

We regret to inform you that all other items posted in this website not listed above have been sold.

Feel free to SMS/Call Andrew at 92344959 if you have any questions/ are keen to purchase any of our items.

You are welcome to let us know your best offer for any of the items! Buy more and we will definitely give you a good price 🙂

Happy viewing! Thank you!


Pioneer Sound System

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pioneer 2

Complete with 2 standing speakers and 1 small speaker with subwoofer

DVD, VCD, CD, and CD-R compatible.

Superb sound quality.

Yours for only $150!!!

Pls contact 91770506 if interested.

Sony 21″ TV

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Comes with remote control.

Only about 2 years old.

Selling for $150!!

Pls contact 91770506 if interested.

July 27, 2009


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We have 4 mattresses for sale, all are in good condition!

1) Queen Size (Four Star Brand) – 8″ thick – SGD$180 ***SOLD***

2) Single Pocketed Spring – 8.5″ thick  ***SOLD***

3) Single foam mattress – 4″ thick – $30

4) Single foam mattress used only for 1 month – 3″ thick – $25

All mattresses are to be self-collected.

SMS/Call Andrew @ 92344959 for fast deals!!

July 21, 2009

Plastic chairs in good condition

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Very firm plastic.

2 sets for sale!

Each for only SGD$5!

Self-collect in east area.

SMS/Call Andrew @ 92344959 for fast deals!!

Beautiful Chandelier

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Beautiful chandelier to brighten up your home!

Comes with 8 bulbs.

Yours for just SGD$120.

Self-collect in east area.

SMS/Call Andrew @ 92344959 for fast deals!!

Lighting for your dining/living room!

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Comes with bulb.
Good condition.

Yours for only SGD$15.

Self-collect in east area.

SMS/Call Andrew @ 92344959 for fast deals!!

Akira Cordless Phone

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Excellent condition!

Uses normal AAA batteries [x2]

Only SGD$25!!!

Self-collect in east area.

SMS/Call Andrew @ 92344959 for fast deals!!

July 20, 2009

Brand New Winter Coat

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Brand new! Never worn because it was too short.
Size XL
Shell: Coated polyester pongee
Lining: 100% polyester
Filling Power: 70% white duck down

Yours for only SGD$50!!! Definitely a good deal!
Self-collect in east area.
SMS/Call Andrew @ 92344959 for fast deals!!

Wall Clock with wooden frame

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Unique design and in excellent condition!

Yours for just SGD$15!!!

Self-collect in east area.

SMS/Call Andrew @ 92344959 for fast deals!!

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